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Hacksaw with Adjustable Length: High Carbon Steel, 10 in Blade Lg, 4 in Throat Dp, 24 Teeth Per Inch, Aluminum

Item # 788Z742

$13.84 Each

Product Specs

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 10 in
Throat Depth: 4 in
Teeth Per Inch: 24
Blade Angle: 90 °
Handle Material: Aluminum
Non-Sparking: No
Insulated: No
Adjustable Length: Yes
Adjustable Tension: Yes
Application: Industrial
Blade Finish/Coating: Powder Coated
Blade Included: Yes
Blade Thickness: 0.028 in
Blade Width: 1⁄2 in
Built-In Blade Storage: No
Corrosion-Resistant: No
Cutting Action: Forward
ESD-Safe: No
Features: Ergonomic Handle; Adjustable Length
Frame Material: Steel
Handle Color: Beige
Handle Shape: D-Grip
Heat-Treated: Yes
Kerf: 0.046 in
Material Application: Metal
Maximum Throat Depth: 4 in
Non-Magnetic: Yes
Number of Blades Stored: 0
Number of Pieces: 1
Overall Length: 16 in
Pitch Type: Constant Pitch
Replaceable Blade: Yes
Saw Type: Hacksaw
Specifications Met: ANSI
Tether Capable: Yes

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Taiwan, Republic of China

About Hacksaws

Commonly used for cutting thinner metal and plastic workpieces in plumbing, construction, and electrical applications, hacksaws cut on the push stroke and leave a clean finish. They have a thin blade mounted on a U-shaped handle, and the blade can be replaced when worn or damaged or changed to adapt the tool for cutting different materials, such as glass, ceramic tile, and brick. Teeth-per-inch (TPI) count refers to the number of teeth per inch on the cutting edge. Generally, blades with higher TPI leave a smoother finish on the workpiece but cut more slowly, and blades with fewer TPI cut more quickly but leave a rougher finish on the workpiece.

These hacksaws have an adjustable frame that accepts blades of various lengths for accomplishing a wide range of cutting tasks. Use a longer blade for fast, rough cuts and shorter blades for slow cuts with a clean finish.