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Half Round Double Cut File: American Pattern File, Smooth, Tang, Uncoated, 8 in Overall Lg, 25/32 in Wd

Item # 142W931

$11.92 Each
Coarseness of Cut: Smooth

Product Specs

Handle Type: Tang
Coating: Uncoated
Overall Length: 8 in
Width: 25⁄32 in
Thickness: 7⁄32 in
Coarseness of Cut: Smooth
File Type: American Pattern File
Cut: Double
Abrading Application: Deburring
Abrasive Material: Carbon Steel
Edge Cut Style: None
Flexibility: Rigid
Handle Color: Blue; Black
Length of Cut: 7.1 in
Material Application: Lead; Steel; Cast Iron; Bronze; Aluminum; Zinc; Plastic
Material Category Application: Nonferrous Metals; Plastics; Ferrous Metals
Relative Grit Grade: Fine
Shape: Half Round
Tang Length: 2.17 in
Teeth per Inch: 44

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • India

About Half Round Files

These files have one flat side and one rounded side with cutting teeth on both. The half round shape is ideal for interior and exterior curved surfaces.

More aggressive than the single-cut pattern, these double-cut files have diamond-shaped teeth instead of single diagonal rows, resulting in quicker material removal. Since the teeth have more cutting edges, they require more pressure when filing.