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Honeywell Electrical-Insulating Glove: 0 ASTM Class, 7 Size, Unmarked, 1000 V AC Max Use Volt, Natural Rubber, Red, 1 PR

Item # 767Z832

$81.84 1 Pair
Size: 7

Product Specs

Specifications Met: NFPA 70E; IEC; ASTM D120
Insulating Glove Length: 11 in
Insulating Glove Material: Natural Rubber
Insulating Glove Color: Red
Size: 7
Test Date Marking: Test Date Marked
Glove Type: Insulating Glove
Hand: Left/Right Pair
Includes: (1) Pair of Insulating Gloves
Insulating Glove Cuff Style: Beaded
Insulating Glove Number Size: 7

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

These Honeywell Electrical-Insulating Gloves meet ASTM Class 0 specifications and they're size 7. They have test date marking. They have a 1,000 V AC maximum use voltage and an 11 in insulating glove length. They also have a Natural Rubber insulating glove material, which is a highly elastic material with good flexibility, but may cause allergic reactions. They have a red insulating glove color. Includes 1 pair.

About Electrical-Insulating Gloves

Reduce the chance of electrical shock when handling energized equipment or working near live voltage with these personal-protection gloves and accessories. The gloves create an electrical-insulating barrier between current and exposed skin.

Made from non-conductive rubber, electrical-insulating gloves are worn under leather protectors to reduce the chance of electric shock when working with or near electrical current or live wire. All are ASTM D120 compliant for rubber insulating gloves.