Hydronic Heater Valve & Actuator


$45.10 - $119.35
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Product Specs

Material: Brass
Pipe Size: 1⁄2
Coefficient of Volume: 4.6
Maximum Pressure: 142 psi
Body Style: Angle; Horizontal Angle; Straight
Accessory Type: Thermostatic Radiator Valve
Display Sell UOM: EA
Features: Provides Precise, Automatic Control of Room Temperature in 2 Pipe Systems; In-Line and Under Pressure; Parts are Replaceable While Valve Remains in Service
Heater Power: 127,000 BTU/hr
Number of Pieces: 1
Specifications Met: ASHRAE 102
Tailpiece Style: Threaded

About Hot Water- & Steam-Powered Heater Controls

Regulate the temperature of your water- or steam-based heating system with these hydronic heater controls.

Pair these thermostatic radiator valves with a thermostatic actuator to help increase your radiator's efficiency and save energy. Used with the actuator, these valves allow for automatic control over the radiator output by monitoring the temperature of a space and adjusting the heat as needed to maintain the right temperature. They are commonly used in large radiators or in radiators where temperature fluctuates, such as commercial kitchens.