Jonard Tools Alignment & Positioning Tool


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Product Specs

Material: Steel
Type: Alignment Pick
Overall Length: 6 in; 7 in
Tip Shape: Pull Hook; Push Hook
Tip Size: 1⁄16 in
Number of Tips: 1; 2
Application: Small Parts in Tight Areas; Adjusting Fine Springs; Removing; Inserting
Color: Steel
Corrosion-Resistant: No
ESD-Safe: No
Finish/Coating: Nickel Plated
Handle Color: Steel
Handle Material: Steel
Handle Texture: Smooth
Non-Conductive: Yes
Non-Magnetic: Yes
Non-Sparking: No
Manufacturer Part Number: M-120; M-137

About Alignment & Positioning Tools

Designed for working on small and delicate components in electronic equipment, these alignment and positioning tools can maneuver in tight spaces for pulling, prying, cleaning, or moving components.