Looped End String Mop: Jaw, Orange, Cotton/Synthetic Blend, 34 oz Mop Size

Item # 553A885

$18.95 Each
Brand: Gamut Approved
Body Color: Orange

Product Specs

Connection Type: Jaw
Type: Cotton/Synthetic Blend
End Type: Looped End
Body Material: Cotton/Synthetic Blend
Mop Size: 34 oz
Body Color: Orange
Backing Material: Vinyl Mesh
Color Coded: Yes
Green Certification: Minimum 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Content
Headband Color: Blue
Headband Type: Wide Band
Headband Width: 5 in
Mop Type: String
Overall Length: 22 in
Overall Width: 6 1⁄2 in
Pack Qty: 1
Ply Count: 4
Pre-Treated: No
Resistance Properties: Chemical Resistant
Shape: Rectangular
Washable: Yes
Compatible with Gamut Part Number: 700W745; 755A119; 831U087; 893A291; 906K527; 127W977; 171X021; 192K467; 199W092; 289W950; 298W893; 327K921; 392A017; 462W650; 499Z171; 514K869; 542Z352; 550X082; 626A658; 652A477

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Honduras

About This Product

This Looped End String Mop has a jaw connection and an orange body. It has a 34 oz mop size. It has a Cotton/Synthetic Blend body and a looped end. It has a Vinyl Mesh backing. Sold individually.

About Heads, Pads, & Covers for Wet Mops

Match these wet mop heads and pads with a compatible handle-and-frame assembly to soak up spills and clean dirt and grime from your facility's floors. They can also be used to replace worn or damaged components on your current mops.

Mop large areas quickly with these looped-end mops. They have a larger surface area than cut-end mops to pick up more debris. The looped ends won't unravel and resist fraying.