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MK Morse Multipurpose Band Saw Blade: 138 in (11 ft 6 in) Blade Lg, Flex Back, 1 in Blade Wd, 0.035 in Thick, Raker

Item # 803U228

$35.00 Each

Product Specs

Back Type: Flexible Back
Width: 1 in
Blade Thickness: 0.035 in
Performance: Multipurpose
Blade Length: 138 in (11 ft 6 in)
Teeth per Inch: 10
For Use On: Graphite; Bronze; Aluminum; Plastic; Wood; Steel; Cork; Brass
Tooth Type: Raker
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Edge Material: Carbon Steel
Application: Furniture; Composition Board; General Purpose
Duty: Light Duty
For Curved Cuts: No
For Use With: Band Saw Machines
Hook Angle: 0 °
Pack Qty: 1
Pack Unit: EA
Pitch Pattern: Constant
Pkg. Qty.: 1
Primary Materials For Use On: Non-Ferrous Metals
Product Weight: 2.164 lb
Secondary Materials For Use On: Cork; Graphite; Steel; Brass; Bronze; Aluminum; Plastic; Wood
Series: QuikSilver Flexback
Set Type: Raker
Set Width: 115⁄10000 in
Tooth Shape: Regular
Width of Cut: 0.058 in

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

This Multipurpose Band Saw Blade from MK Morse is 138 in (11 ft 6 in) long. With a flexible back, it resists fatigue at high speeds and is used for making curved cuts in soft materials such as soft woods and metals. It is 1 in wide, made of a 0.035 in thick material. It has 10 teeth per inch. With raker teeth, it has alternating teeth that point left, right, and center for making fast, rough cuts and are used for resawing or cutting curves and thick stock. The blade is made of carbon steel. Sold individually.

About Bandsaw Blades

Select the right band saw blade to improve the performance of your tool. Blades are available in a range of lengths, widths, and teeth-per-inch (TPI) counts. The required blade length is specific to the saw. Blade width is the measurement from the front cutting edge to the back of the blade. In general, wider blades are a good choice for straight cuts, re-sawing, and cut-off sawing, and narrower blades are suitable for cutting shapes and contours. TPI is the number of teeth per inch on the cutting edge. Generally, blades with higher TPI leave a smoother finish on the workpiece but cut more slowly, and blades with fewer TPI cut more quickly but leave a rougher finish on the workpiece.

Suitable for a range of everyday cutting applications, these band saw blades provide good performance on a variety of materials, including wood, carbon and low-alloy steels, nonferrous metals, and plastics.

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