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Mobil Industrial Gear Oil: 68 ISO Grade, Mineral Oil, 8.8 cSt Viscosity @ 100° C, 5 gal Container Size, Bucket, Amber

Item # 491K354

$171.00 Each

Product Specs

Base Formulation: Mineral Oil
ISO Grade: 68
AGMA Grade: Not Rated
SAE Grade: Not Rated
Viscosity @ 100° C: 8.8 cSt
Container Size: 5 gal
Container Type: Bucket
Color: Amber
Application: Not Rated
Biodegradable: Not Rated
Boiling Point: 600 ° F
Conductivity: Not Rated
Density: 880 g/L
Detergent: Not Rated
Features: Reduce Leakage; Resist Oil Oxidation; Thermal Degradation; Foaming; Emulsion Formation; Sludge and Deposit Formation
Flammability: Not Rated
Flash Point: 446 ° F
Food Grade: No
For Equipment Type: Conveyors; Agitators; Dryers; Extruders; Fans; Mixers; Presses; Pullers; Pumps; Screens
Form: Liquid
Four-Ball Wear: Not Rated
Lubricant Type: Lubricant
Marine Grade: No
Material Compatibility: Not Rated
Maximum Operating Temperature: Not Rated
Minimum Operating Temperature: Not Rated
Non-Toxic: Not Rated
Odor: Not Rated
Oil Type: Gear Oil
Pour Point: -17 ° F
Specific Gravity: Not Rated
Specifications Met: Flender BA 7300 Table A; AGMA 9005-E02; DIN 51517 Part 3; ISO 1292501 Type; Textron Power Transmission Grade; Mueller Weingarten DT 55 005
Sulfated Ash %: Not Rated
Timken OK Load: 65 lb
Viscosity @ 100° F: Not Rated
Viscosity @ 40° C: 68 cSt
Viscosity Index: 101
Zinc-Free: Not Rated

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Gear Oils

Minimize friction and wear on gear teeth to increase efficiency. These oils are thick to ensure transfer throughout the gear train, withstand high heat, remove contaminants, and protect against corrosion.

Most often used in enclosed industrial gears, these oils are suitable for a wide variety of parts, such as bearings, conveyors, seals, and pumps.

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