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Norton Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc: Unthreaded Center Hole, 4 1/2 in Disc Dia


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Product Specs

Attachment: Unthreaded Center Hole
Relative Grit Grade: Fine; Medium; Coarse
Disc Diameter: 4 1⁄2 in
Center Hole Diameter: 7⁄8 in
Abrasive Material: Ceramic Alumina
Grit: 40; 60; 80; 120
Maximum RPM: 13,300 RPM
Pack Qty: 1
Disc Type Number: Type 27
Flap Density: Standard
Grit & Grade: 120 - Fine; 80 - Medium; 60 - Coarse; 40 - Coarse
Abrading Application: Finishing; Cleaning; Grinding; Stock Removal; Edge Chamfering; Weld Blending; Deburring; Rust Removal; Blending
Abrasive Structure: Coated
Backing Material: Plastic
Backing Plate Material: Quick Trim Plastic
Backing Weight: Y
Coat: Closed
For Tool Type: Right Angle Grinders
Material Application: Chrome; Stainless Steel; Super Alloys; Titanium; Cobalt; Inconel
Material Category Application: Stainless Steel
Pack Unit: EA
Resistance Properties: Fray-Resistant; Vibration-Resistant
Series 2: SG Blaze
Series Tier: Best
Trimmable: Yes
Workpiece Shape: Flat Surfaces
Manufacturer Part Number: 66254400256; 66254400255; 66254400254; 66254400253

About Flap Discs

Used with angle grinders, flap discs are made with layered abrasive-covered flaps mounted on a rigid backing that enables grinding and finishing in one step. They provide a smoother, cooler, and more controlled grind than grinding wheels while providing longer life, a more consistent finish, and less buildup than fiber discs. Choose lower grit numbers or coarser grits for an even, smooth finish, and higher grit numbers or finer grits for a fine, polished finish.