Parker Hannifin Stainless Steel Conversion Hex Hollow Plug: 316 Material Grade, M16 Pipe Size, Metric

Item # 797W903

$65.40 Each

Product Specs

Material: Stainless Steel
Material Grade: 316
Finish/Coating: Passivated
Type: Hex Hollow Plug
Port 1 Pipe Size: M16
Port 1 Gender: Male
Port 1 Type: Metric
Port 1 OD: 55⁄64 in
Overall Length: 11⁄16 in
For Substance Type: ASTM Oil; ATF Oil; Butane; Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Dioxide Cutting Oil; Diesel Fuel; Gas; Liquid Propane Gas (LPG); Helium; Hydraulic Oil; Petroleum; Base Hydraulic Oil; Water Base; Hydrogen Gas; Jet Fuel; Kerosene; Lubricating Oil; Methanol; Mineral Oil; Nitrogen; Propane; R134A; MIL-F-8192; MIL-H-5606; MIL-H-6083; MIL-H-7083; MIL-H-8446; MIL-L-2104 & 2104B; Freon 22; Asphalt; Air; Acetylene
Maximum Operating Pressure: 5,800 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -30 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 250 ° F
Metal Detectable: No
REACH Compliant: Yes
Resistance Properties: Corrosion-Resistant
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Specifications Met: ISO 9974

About Stainless Steel Conversion Fittings

Use these stainless steel conversion fittings to modify pipe or fittings with BSPP or metric threads. They're commonly used in Asia and Europe and don't require thread sealant for installation. Ideal for use in agriculture, construction, transportation, and material handling applications, stainless steel fittings have a corrosion-resistant surface that protects the material from environmental contaminants, even if scratched, and they can carry many corrosive materials without wearing away or corroding like plain steel.

Install these hex hollow plugs in your system to close off ports and pipe or tube ends (also known as blanking). Use a compatible L-key or Allen wrench to tighten or loosen the plug.