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Pipe Thread Sealant Tape: Gas/Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Water, Std, MIL-T-27730A, 3/4 in Wd, 520 in Lg, White

Item # 752X065

$3.50 Each

Product Specs

Compatible Pipe Materials: Metal; PVC; Plastic; ABS
Relative Density: Standard
Mil-Spec Met: MIL-T-27730A
Maximum Operating Pressure for Gases: 2,000 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure for Liquids: 10,000 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -400 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 500 ° F
Color: White
Package Type: Roll
Specifications Met: UL; NSF P1 Registered; MIL-T-27730A
Chemical Base: PTFE
Cleanup Method: Use a Degreaser or Lightly Brush With a Wire Brush; Old Tape; Grease and Dirt; Clean All Threads to Remove Oil
Green Certification: Not Rated
Length: 520 in
Maximum Application Temperature: 500 ° F
Maximum Tape Density: 0.8 g/cc
Minimum Application Temperature: -400 ° F
Minimum Tape Density: 0.7 g/cc
Resistance Properties: Brine-Resistant; Water-Resistant; Vegetable Oil-Resistant; Steam Line-Resistant; Sodium Hydroxide-Resistant; Soap-Resistant; Potassium Hydroxide-Resistant; Potable Water-Resistant; Petroleum Solvents-Resistant; Oxygen-Resistant; Nitrogen-Resistant; Natural Gas-Resistant; Mineral Oil-Resistant; Liquid-Resistant; Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Resistant; Ketone-Resistant; Kerosene-Resistant; Jet Fuel-Resistant; Inert Gas-Resistant; Heating Oil-Resistant; Gasoline-Resistant; Gaseous-Resistant; Freon-Resistant; Ethylene Glycol-Resistant; Ethyl-Resistant; Diesel Fuel Oil-Resistant; Cutting Oil-Resistant; Chlorine-Resistant; Caustic-Resistant; Castor Oil-Resistant; Carbon Dioxide-Resistant; Aromatic Solvents-Resistant; Ammonia Liquefied-Resistant; Ammonia Gaseous-Resistant; Alkali Diluted-Resistant; Aliphatic Solvents-Resistant; Alcohols-Resistant; Air Compressed-Resistant; Acids-Resistant
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Thickness: 0.0035 in
VOC Compliant: Yes
VOC Content Weight: 0.0 g/L
VOC Content Weight Percentage: 0.0 %
Width: 3⁄4 in
Works with351K497, 822A868, 453A123, 200R822, 156X811, 411W611, 546A390, 701R035, 251W447, 288K068

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Taiwan, Republic of China

About Pipe Sealants

Help prevent leaks at pipe joints and connections with pipe sealants, tapes, and putties. They fill gaps between pipe and fittings to stop fluids from leaking out. These sealants are commonly used on plumbing pipe, fluid transfer pipe, and air supply pipe.

Avoid the mess and lengthy cure time of liquid thread sealants with these thread sealant tapes. Made of PTFE, these slick tapes fill space between threads to seal them. They also lubricate the threads, which eases pipe system assembly and helps prevent threads from seizing or binding so fittings can be loosened as needed. Different colors of tapes can be used to identify the specific media in various pipe systems. The higher the density of the tape, the greater its sealing power.