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Protective Caps for Vise Jaws


$47.93 - $82.64
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Product Specs

Cap Material: Aluminum
Attachment Type: Magnetic
Jaw Width: 6 in
Jaw Length: 5 1⁄2 in; 7 in; 10 in
Surface Type: Serrated
Covered Cap: Yes
Pack Qty: 2
Type: Protective Jaw Caps
Corrosion-Resistant: No
Application: Grips Uneven Work Pieces and Protects from Marring Or Distortion; Industrial
Color: Brown/Gray; Gray
Cover Material: Fiber
ESD-Safe: No
For Use With: Any 6 in Jaw Width Vise Type
Groove Type: Vertical Grooves; Horizontal Grooves; Vertical/Horizontal Grooves
Heat-Treated: No
Non-Sparking: No
Number of Magnets: 2
Pack Unit: PK

About Vise Parts

Adapt your vise for a range of applications with these parts. Change out your gripping head to accommodate workpieces in different sizes or materials, swap out your base for a different mounting style, or add jaw caps to help protect your material and your vise from damage.

Attach these jaw caps to your vise jaws to protect the surface of your material from marring and to help extend the life of your vise jaws. They are magnetic for quick changing.