PVDF Wye: Connector, 3/16 in Port 1 Barb Size, 3/16 in Port 2 Barb Size, 3/16 in Port 3 Barb Size, 5 PK

Item # 470Z509

$19.26 Pack of 5

Product Specs

Port 1 Barb Size: 3⁄16 in
Port 2 Barb Size: 3⁄16 in
Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -80 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 226 ° F
Pack Qty: 5
Type: Connector
Barb Size: 3⁄16 in
Specifications Met: FDA Compliant; USP Class VI Requirements; NSF 61; NSF 51
Application: Automotive and Marine; Industrial and General Purpose; Food and Beverage; Bio Medical and Pharmaceutical Bag Ports
Color: Natural
Material: PVDF
Pack Unit: PK
Port 1 Connection Type: Barbed
Port 1 Gender: Male
Port 2 Connection Type: Barbed
Port 2 Gender: Male
Port 3 Barb Size: 3⁄16 in
Port 3 Connection Type: Barbed
Port 3 Gender: Male
RoHS Compliant: Yes

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

These PVDF Wyes have a 3/16 in port 1 barb size and a 3/16 in port 2 barb size. They also have a 3/16 in port 3 barb size and a 250 psi maximum operating pressure. They have a -80° F minimum operating temperature and a 226° F maximum operating temperature. Pack of 5.

About Chemical-Resistant PVDF Barbed Tube Fittings

Fittings made from PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride, similar to Kynar) resist corrosion from bacteria and chemicals, including salts, strong acids, dilute bases, and organic solvents.

Barbed fittings have raised ridges, or barbs, that hold them firmly in place when they are inserted into tubing and secured with a clamp. Suitable for low-pressure applications.

Also known as Y fittings, wyes provide a more gradual transition than tees to reduce friction and turbulence when splitting a single line into two branches or combining two branches into a single line.