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Ridgid Sectional Electric-Powered Drain Cleaning Machine: 120 V AC Volt, Auto, 150 ft For Max Run, 1/2 hp Horsepower

Item # 520A659

$2,610.32 Each

Product Specs

Voltage: 120 V AC
Feed Type: Automatic
For Maximum Run: 150 ft
For Minimum Compatible Drain Diameter: 1 1⁄4 in
For Maximum Compatible Drain Diameter: 4 in
Horsepower: 1⁄2 hp
Application: Residential; Commercial; Institutional
Features: Rear Handle for Easy Transporting
For Maximum Compatible Cable Diameter: 7⁄8 in
For Min Compatible Cable Dia: 5⁄8 in
Frequency: 60 Hz
Includes: (1) Straight Auger; (1) Pin Key; (1) Tool Box; (1) Sharktooth Cutter; (1) Retrieving Auger; (1) Spade Cutter; (1) Funnel Auger; (5) 15 ft Sections of 7/8 in Cable; (1) Cable Carrier; (1) Rear Guide Hose; (1) Operators Mitt
Maximum Operating Speed: 600 RPM

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Electric-Powered Cable Cleaners

Clear a range of clogs in residential or commercial plumbing systems with these cable cleaners, cutters, and augers. They have a cable that is lowered into the drain to clear the clog, and augers and cutters can be attached to the cable to slice through solid material such as branches, break up grease and other soft material, or retrieve items that have fallen down the drain. These tools can accommodate cables in a range of lengths to reach clogs deep down in your piping system. Electric cable cleaners plug into an AC power source for consistent power output.

Save space and clear drains faster with these lightweight sectional cable cleaners. They feed cable faster than continuous cable machines, improving efficiency. Because the cable is not stored within the machine, these tools tend to be lighter than continuous cable machines. Bring the length of cable needed for your application, and feed sections of cable into the cleaner one at a time or join sections together to feed them as a long piece. If a section of cable becomes damaged, it can be replaced easily without altering the cable. These cleaners are well suited for clearing hard blockages such as large, solid objects, roots, or debris.

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