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Sealant for Threaded Pipe: Gas/Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Refrigerant/Water, with PTFE, Gen Purpose, 4 fl oz Size, Bottle

Item # 169Z632

$20.03 Each

Product Specs

Features: with PTFE
Type: General Purpose
Compatible Pipe Materials: ABS; Metal; PVC; Fiberglass; CPVC
Maximum Operating Pressure for Gases: 10,000 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure for Liquids: 10,000 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -200 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 400 ° F
Color: Yellow
Package Size: 4 fl oz
Package Type: Bottle
Chemical Base: Ethanol
Cleanup Method: Isopropanol
Flash Point Temperature: 61 ° F
Full Cure Time: 24 hr
Maximum Application Temperature: 400 ° F
Minimum Application Temperature: -200 ° F
Resistance Properties: High Pressure-Resistant; Crack-Resistant
RoHS Compliant: No
Shelf Life: 3 yr
VOC Compliant: Yes
VOC Content Weight: 340 g/L
VOC Content Weight Percentage: 28 %
Viscosity: 62,500 cps
Works with546U873, 398W941, 713W600, 557A222, 206W937, 151X696, 206Z938, 526R119, 545K999, 329R239

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA
Hazardous material - Other Regulated Material

About Pipe Sealants

Help prevent leaks at pipe joints and connections with pipe sealants, tapes, and putties. They fill gaps between pipe and fittings to stop fluids from leaking out. These sealants are commonly used on plumbing pipe, fluid transfer pipe, and air supply pipe.

Create a leakproof seal on threaded pipe with these sealants. Also known as pipe joint compound and pipe dope, pipe thread sealants fill spaces between pipe threads to form a barrier that keeps fluids or air in.

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