Silicon Rubber Heat Blanket: 180 W Watt, 12 in Overall Wd, 12 in Overall Lg, 3/16 in Overall Thickness

Item # 163Z126

$114.25 Each
Wattage: 180 W

Product Specs

Overall Width: 12 in
Overall Length: 12 in
Overall Thickness: 3⁄16 in
Wattage: 180 W
Voltage: 120V AC
Application: Hoppers; Suitable for Large Range of Surfaces Like Tanks; Silos; Conveyors
Controller Included: Not Included
Cord Length: 48 in
Current: 1.5 A
Electrical Connection: Wire Leads
Features: Exceptional Durability; Radiation-Resistant; Chemical-Resistant; Moisture-Resistant
Maximum Heater Temperature: 450 ° F
Minimum Heater Temperature: -60 ° F
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Shape: Square
Specifications Met: CE; CRUS; CSA

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About Flexible Heat Sheets & Heat Blankets

When you need to apply heat to flat, curved, or irregularly shaped surfaces for process heating, condensation prevention, composite bonding, or freeze protection, use one of these AC-powered sheets or blankets. They can flex to conform to objects such as drums and tanks and resist moisture, extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, fungus, oil, and solvents. In addition, they provide rapid heat-up and uniform heat distribution.

Warm the contents of containers by attaching these blankets to the outside surface of the vessel. Heat blankets are thicker than sheets and better suited for rugged applications. A temperature controller is required for operation.