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Single-Ended Valve Wrench: 1 in Wrench Size, Straight Head Angle, Aluminum, Powder Coated, 14 in Overall Lg

Item # 246A509

$74.29 Each

Product Specs

Head Angle: Straight
Material: Aluminum
Finish/Coating: Powder Coated
Wrench Size: 1 in
Overall Length: 14 in
Non-Sparking: No
Corrosion-Resistant: No
Non-Magnetic: Yes
ESD-Safe: No
End Shape: Round
Head Type: Fixed Head
Insulated: No
Manufacturing Process: Cast
Number of Ends: Single End
Weight: 4 lb

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • China

About This Product

This Single-Ended Valve Wrench is a 1 in wrench and has a straight head angle. It is constructed of aluminum, which is a durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic, and nonsparking metal. It has a powder coated finish and a 14 in overall length. It is non-magnetic and has a round end. Sold individually.

About Valve Wheel Wrenches

Valve wheel wrenches provide more force than just hands alone when loosening or tightening valve wheels on gas and water lines. One or more hooks prevent the wrench from slipping off the wheel, and a long handle provides leverage for turning stuck wheels. These wrenches can be used on overhead fixtures or in tight spaces.

A curved hook at one end of the wrench fits around the rim of a valve wheel, and force is applied to the handle to turn the wheel. Round-end valve wheel wrenches are a good choice for turning valve wheels in a range of styles. Choose a wrench that fits the wheel's rim size.

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