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Splitting Maul: Steel, 3 lb Head Wt, 3 1/2 in Cutting Edge Lg, 28 in Overall Lg, Fiberglass

Item # 979A389

$56.99 Each

Product Specs

Blade Material: Steel
Head Weight: 3 lb
Cutting Edge Length: 3 1⁄2 in
Overall Length: 28 in
Handle Material: Fiberglass
Type: Splitting Maul
Sheath Included: Yes
Anti-Vibration: Yes
Butt Style: Standard
Finish/Coating: Low Friction Coating
Grip Type: Slip Resistant
Hammer Face Surface Type: Smooth
Handle Length: 28 in
Head Length: 3 1⁄2 in
Head Material: Steel
Number of Cutting Edges: Single
Replaceable Handle: No
Sheath Material: Plastic

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Finland

About Axes & Mauls

Split and chop large pieces of wood with these two-handed axes and mauls. Axes have a thinner, sharper blade for chopping wood across the grain. Mauls have a blunter, fatter blade for splitting wood along the grain.

Designed to split wood along the grain, mauls have a heavy, wedge-shaped head that can deliver a powerful blow and a long handle that provides good leverage for pushing the tool through the wood. The heavy butt on the back of the head concentrates the striking force behind the wedge to split the wood, and it can be struck with a hammer to drive the tool deeper into the workpiece.