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Stanley Proto Box Wrench Set: Metric, Gen Purpose, 11 Pieces, Tether Capable

Item # 733K427

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Product Specs

Number of Ends: Double End
Measurement System: Metric
Set Type: General Purpose
Smallest Wrench Size: 6 mm
Largest Wrench Size: 32 mm
Finish/Coating: Chrome
Offset Angle: 15 °
Tether Capable: Yes
Wrench Size: 6 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm; 10 mm; 11 mm; 12 mm; 13 mm; 14 mm; 15 mm; 16 mm; 17 mm; 18 mm; 19 mm; 21 mm; 22 mm; 24 mm; 27 mm; 30 mm; 32 mm
Head Angle: Offset
Number of Pieces in Set: 11
Specifications Met: ASME B107.100
Corrosion-Resistant: Yes
ESD-Safe: Not Rated
End Type: Box End
Features: Fine-Indexing
Handle Shape: Straight
Handle Type: Plain
Head Thickness: 6 mm; 18 mm; 16 mm; 15 mm; 32 mm; 30 mm; 14 mm; 27 mm; 22 mm; 24 mm; 13 mm; 21 mm; 12 mm; 19 mm; 17 mm; 11 mm; 10 mm; 9 mm; 8 mm; 7 mm
Head Type: Fixed Head
Insulated: No
Non-Sparking: No
Number of Points: 12
Overall Length Range: 17.2031; 15.9218; 13.7031; 13.3906; 11.3593; 10.6875; 9.7031; 8.8593; 7.9687; 6.7656; 5.7656
Ratcheting: No
Reversible: No
Weight: 7.4 lb
Wrenches Included: 10 mm x 11 mm; 12 mm x 13 mm; 14 mm x 15 mm; 16 mm x 18 mm; 17 mm x 19 mm; 21 mm x 24 mm; 22 mm x 24 mm; 27 mm x 30 mm; 30 mm x 32mm; 6 mm x 7 mm; 8 mm x 9 mm

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

The wrenches in this Box Wrench Set from Stanley Proto are tether capable. They have an offset head angle, which bends away from the handle to provide clearance for turning fasteners. They also have a chrome finish, which is a hard finish that is easy to clean and provides mild corrosion resistance. They meet ASME B107.100 specifications. Set of 11.

About Box Wrenches

Also known as box-end wrenches or ring spanners, these tools have a ring-shaped jaw at one or both ends that grips all the faces of a fastener as it's turned, providing more leverage than an open-end wrench and reducing the risk of the tool slipping off and damaging the fastener. Each jaw on a box wrench is designed to fit a specific size of nut or bolt.

The inside walls of the wrench head may have 6, 8, or 12 points. 8-point wrenches are for use with square fasteners, and 6- and 12-point wrenches are for use with hexagonal fasteners. 6-point wrenches provide good grip for loosening stuck or stubborn fasteners and are less likely to damage the fastener when turning it than 8 or 12-point wrenches. 8- and 12-point wrenches are easier to position and require less movement to turn a fastener than 6-point wrenches, which is useful when working in tight spaces.

Make sure you have the right wrench for the job with these box wrench sets. Sets contain multiple wrenches in a range of sizes.