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Stanley Proto General Purpose Combination Wrench: Imperial, Black Oxide, 7/16 in Open End Wrench Size

Item # 516W875

$13.50 Each
Finish/Coating: Black Oxide

Product Specs

Measurement System: Imperial
Number of Points: 12
Head Angle: Offset
Open End Wrench Size: 7/16 in
Box End Wrench Size: 7/16 in
Overall Length: 3 7⁄8 in
Finish/Coating: Black Oxide
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Box-End Offset Angle: 15 °
Tether Ready: No
Box End Head Type: Countersunk
Corrosion-Resistant: Yes
ESD-Safe: Not Rated
Handle Type: Straight
Head Type: Fixed Head
Insulated: No
Open End Head Thickness: 0.3125 in
Open End Head Type: Offset
Open End Head Width: 0.9844 in
Ratcheting: No
Specifications Met: ASME B107.100-2010
Weight: 0.08 lb

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

This General Purpose Combination Wrench from Stanley Proto has a black oxide finish, which enhances corrosion resistance, improves lubricity, and gives the item a black-colored finish. It is 7/16 in on the open end and is 7/16 in on the box end. It has a 3 7/8 in overall length. It is constructed of chrome vanadium steel, which combines the corrosion resistance of carbon alloy steel and chrome with the strength of vanadium. It has a 15° box-end offset angle and 12 points. Sold individually.

About Combination Wrenches

These two-in-one tools let you quickly switch between an open-end wrench on one end of the tool and a box wrench, spline wrench, or socket wrench on the other end, unless noted. The box, spline, or socket wrench provides better torque and less risk of slippage than the open-end wrench; the open-end wrench can approach the fastener from the top or side, which is useful in obstructed areas.

Each head fits a specific size of fastener, and both heads are usually suited for fasteners of the same size. The box, spline, or socket wrench may tilt or be set at an angle to the handle for better access to hard-to-reach fasteners. The inside edge of the box, spline, or socket wrench will have multiple points. 6-point box wrenches make contact with all sides of a hexagonal fastener, reducing the risk of stripping or rounding the fastener when turning it. 12-point box wrenches can be repositioned with a smaller movement of the handle than a 6-point wrench, which is useful when working in tight spaces.

A good choice for a range of everyday applications, these combination wrenches will get the job done.

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