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Tapered Cartridge Roll: 1 in Overall Lg, 120 Grit, Fine Relative Grit Grade, 3/8 in Max Roll Dia, 1/8 in Pilot Hole Dia

Item # 741A292

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Grit: 120

Product Specs

Overall Length: 1 in
Maximum Roll Diameter: 3⁄8 in
Pilot Hole Diameter: 1⁄8 in
Maximum RPM: 24,000 RPM
Relative Grit Grade: Fine
Grit: 120
Abrading Application: Polishing; Grinding; Deburring
Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
Abrasive Structure: Coated
Backing Material: Cloth
Backing Weight: X
Color: Brown
For Mandrel Model: 178X971
For Tool Type: Straight Grinders; Die Grinders
Material Application: Zinc; Copper; Bronze; Brass; Aluminum; Cast Iron; High Speed Steel; Stainless Steel; Alloy Steel; Carbon Steel; Fiberglass; Wood; Stone; Ceramic; Granite; Glass; Drywall; Paint; Tool Steel; Plastic; Inconel; Nickel Alloys; Titanium
Material Category Application: Ferrous Metals; Stainless Steel; Nonferrous Metals; Aluminum; Wood; Plastics
Roll Type: Not Rated
Specifications Met: Not Rated
Workpiece Shape: Small Holes; Contours; Hard to Reach Areas; Channels; Fillets

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • China

About Cartridge Rolls

Constructed from layers of abrasive cloth rolled around a small cylinder, cartridge rolls reach into small diameters, tight corners, or irregular contours. During use, the outer layer of the roll wears away, uncovering a fresh abrasive layer. A mandrel is required to secure the roll onto a die grinder or flexible shaft grinder.

Choose lower grit numbers for an even, smooth finish, and higher grit numbers for a fine, polished finish.

With a diameter that slowly decreases from end to end, tapered cartridge rolls fit well into corners, angles, recesses, channels, small holes, and other intricate areas to debur, grind, or polish.