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Tiller Mattock: 1 1/2 lb Head Wt, 16 in Blade Lg, 3 in Blade Wd, 16 in Overall Lg, Steel, Hickory

Item # 317A516

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Product Specs

Head Weight: 1 1⁄2 lb
Blade Length: 16 in
Blade Width: 3 in
Overall Length: 16 in
Blade Material: Steel
Handle Material: Hickory
Product Type: Tiller Mattock
Anti-Vibration: No
Finish/Coating: Painted
Handle Length: 16 in
Non-Sparking: No
Replaceable Handle: Yes
Sheath Included: No

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

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About Mattocks

Clear out trenches, break up clay and hard soil, till earth, chop roots and vegetation, and dig up rocks and roots with these mattocks.

Well suited for landscaping applications like digging trenches, these tiller mattocks have a pronged claw at one end of the head for breaking up hard ground and rock and a broad adze at the other end for hoeing and clearing away earth and debris.