Tire Repair String Plug: 4 in Lg Patch Size, 60 PK

Item # 216U595

$9.27 Pack of 60

Product Specs

Patch Shape: String
Flammability: Non-Flammable
Product Type: String Plug
Patch Size: 4 in Lg
Manufacturer Series: Group 31
Package Type: Box
Patch Length: 4 in
Product Form: Plug
Recommended Accessories: Mfr. No. 14-212
RoHS Compliant: No
Shelf Life: 6 mo
VOC Compliant: No
Vehicle Type for Tire Repair ORIGINAL: All Terrain; All Tires as a Quick Fix to Get to Service Station; Golf Cart

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • Not Available

About Tire Sealants & Patches

Minimize downtime and keep your fleet moving by repairing small punctures and leaks on vehicle and equipment tires with these patches, sealants, and plugs. Suitable for vehicles that use inflatable tires, such as trucks, cars, ATVs, mowers, motorcycles, and golf carts.

Fill tire punctures without having to take the tire off the rim. Just push one of these string plugs into the hole to repair the tire's tread surface.