Unthreaded Black Pipe: Non-Threaded, 3 ft Overall Lg, 40 Schedule, 2 1/2 Pipe Size

Item # 834R847

$109.95 Each
Overall Length: 3 ft

Product Specs

Material: Steel
Material Grade: 1008
Color: Black
Construction Type: Welded
Type: Pipe
Schedule: 40
Wall Thickness: 0.1875 in
Port 1 Pipe Size: 2 1/2
Port 1 Type: Non-Threaded
Port 2 Pipe Size: 2 1/2
Port 2 Type: Non-Threaded
Overall Length: 3 ft
Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure @ Temperature: 150 psi at 366° F
Maximum Steam Pressure: 945 psi
Maximum Steam Pressure @ Temperature: 945 psi at 650° F
Minimum Operating Temperature: -20 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 650 ° F
For Substance Type: Steam; Natural Gas; Oil; Air
Application: Industrial
REACH Compliant: Yes
Resistance Properties: Leak-Resistant
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Specifications Met: ASME B31.3; API 5L; ASTM A53
Brand: Gamut Approved

About Black Pipe

Use durable black steel pipe in low-pressure pipe systems where you need the strength of steel but where corrosion is not a concern, such as when transporting natural gas and oil. Black pipe isn't coated (like galvanized pipe), so there's less concern about pipe clogs since there's no coating that can flake off. This pipe is also used in pipe systems that carry steam, sewage, or nonpotable cold water.

Pipe is generally longer than 12". For shorter lengths, use pipe nipples, which are typically less than 12" long.

Add your own threads to unthreaded pipe so you can use the pipe with fittings that have different thread types. Unthreaded pipe can also be welded for a permanent connection, which is ideal in systems that require a leak-resistant seal but don't require frequent maintenance. Unthreaded pipe can also be connected to existing threaded pipe with a compatible fitting.