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V-Belt Idler: B For Belt Section Size, For B-Section (5L, B & BX), 4 in OD, 17 mm Bore Dia, 0.64 in Face Wd

Item # 817K706

$20.96 Each

Product Specs

For Belt Section Type: For B-Section (5L, B and BX)
Pulley Material: Plastic
OD: 4 in
Bore Diameter: 17 mm
Face Width: 0.64 in
Overall Width: 0.86 in
Number of Belt Grooves: 1
Bearing: Two Ball Bearings
Radial Load Capacity: 2141 lb @ 33 RPM; 402 lb @ 5000 RPM
For Belt Section Size: B
Belt Tension Side: Front
Application: General Industrial; Fitness Industry
Bearing Closure: Double Sealed
Bearing Material: Carbon Steel
Face Diameter: 2.84 in
Flanges: No Flanges
For Belt Type: B
Hub: Flat
Pulley Construction: Flat Disc
Resistance Properties: Corrosion Resistant

Compliance and Restrictions

Country Of Origin

  • USA

About This Product

This V-Belt Idler has a belt section size of B. It has a 4 in outside diameter. It has a 17 mm bore diameter and a 0.64 in face width. It also has a 0.86 in overall width and 1 belt groove. Sold individually.

About V-Belt Idlers

Keep V-belts at the proper tension with these V-belt idlers. Idlers, also called belt tensioners, take up belt slack and maintain consistent tension on belts to reduce slipping and ensure proper performance of the drive system. Choose a flat-top idler for flat belt surfaces and a V-groove idler for V-shaped or round surfaces.

Suitable for washdown applications, corrosion-resistant nylon V-belt idlers can resist chemicals, moisture, and other corrosive elements and are lighter than metal idlers. They have a V-groove that accepts a compatible V-belt.