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Viega Carbon Steel Press Tee: 3/4 Run 1 Pipe Size, 3/4 Branch Pipe Size, 1/2 Run 2 Pipe Size, 125 psi Max Op Pressure

Item # 834A764

$30.67 Each

Product Specs

Material: Carbon Steel
Finish/Coating: Zinc Nickel
Color: Yellow
Type: Tee
Reducing Tee Type: Right-Angle Reducing
Run 1 Pipe Size: 3/4
Run 1 Gender: Female
Port 1 Type: Press
Run 1 Type: Press
Branch Pipe Size: 3/4
Branch Gender: Female
Port 2 Type: Press
Branch Type: Press
Branch OD: 3⁄4 in
Run 2 Pipe Size: 1/2
Run 2 Gender: Female
Port 3 Type: Press
Run 2 Type: Press
Run 2 OD: 1⁄2 in
Overall Length: 4 1⁄2 in
Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 psi
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 ° F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 180 ° F
Metal Detectable: Yes
For Substance Type: Natural Gas; Propane; Diesel Fuel; Lubricants; Compressed Air; Vacuum
Resistance Properties: Corrosion-Resistant
Specifications Met: ANSI LC4; CSA 6.32; IAPMO LC4; ICC LC 4; LR; ABS; GL

About Carbon Steel Press Fittings

Connect these carbon steel press fittings to unthreaded pipe ends without soldering, welding, or cementing to help cut down on installation and repair time. Slide pipe into the press end of the fitting and clamp down with a compression tool, also known as a crimper, which attaches the fitting onto the pipe tightly for a secure fit. Carbon steel is a good choice when you need a strong, durable fitting but less corrosion resistance than stainless steel. They're commonly used to transport water, gases, or air in industrial facilities, fuel, oil, and power plants, and chemical refineries.

Use these press-end tee fittings to combine, change, or divide the flow of materials through pipes. The middle port is set at a 90° angle to the connections on either end.